Why does someone return to a film… many, many times?

I reflected and googled and reflected some more.

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*Note: The following was written four years ago but for some reason I never posted it… most of this is probably said and done already but… after a little polish… here it is now.*


This reflection is on: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and, by extension, the Dark Knight trilogy.

This post started with one idea and it kept leading to another. Call this post, an unloading of instantaneous thoughts. Obviously there are spoilers so… yeah, you know the drill.



You don’t have to worry about a thing
Just come on up, come on up
Just come on up, baby
And have a good time.

– The Rascals


After seeing the film once, it feels like the perfect way to end the series. It restates the major themes and ends the journey of Bruce Wayne.

My interest of writing this post comes from this overwhelming joy of watching the film and the fact that the character is one I have grown up on since I was a kid. The focus isn’t to review the film but to try to provide some commentary on the deeper ideas that the series presented.

My focus: Batman’s journey, how would one finish this the Batman story, influences, story techniques we’ve seen before, and quasi-philosophical musings. I find the personal journey and struggles more resonating so you will see a void of socio-political musing. Perhaps another day.

Make sure you have some eye-drops handy.

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Return of the Jim

April 26, 2016 — Leave a comment
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“Two of Us” 


Long time ago, I walked away from a dream.

It’s still there. Hanging out on the streets of Toronto. Only getting up to wander at the early hours of the morning. Talking about how we’re going to do this and how we’re going to do that.

While that is happening, I’m waaaaay over here… across two continents and a sprawl countries and an ocean… deep in the urban jungle of a bipolar city… taking on the tropical heat and the torrent of flooding streets… I’m doing what people say I’m doing, I’m simply living.

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Darkness. Silence.

SUPER IN/OUT – “Sometime in the 2030s…

The ELECTRONIC DRUMS of HANS ZIMMER rocks us to existence and —


blinds us all — filling the screen with terrifying awe.

Out of the light, a GIANT FLOATING HEAD appears — it’s SNYDER’S HEAD.

People of the 2030s, I come from the land over yonder! No — make that time over yonder!

He spins marvelously on the X-Z axis.

Ever since I started this journey, I had one goal in mind: inflate my ego into a state where I cannot be defeated. In a way, I, too, became a Star-Child. And now, I have come back to share a new collection for you to own on — what is it? DVD? Blu-Ray? BrainSync? BioData implants? What is it?

Awkward pause… so he spins again, this time on the Y-Z axis.



He is self-aware of the title card.

Freaky deeky — yes, well… let the SNYDERVERSE be in your head!

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In case you lose your way in your creative endeavors:



After the latest Level C class and watching a musical mashup of games, I ventured off into the night with a few classmates in the pursuit of ice cream. There were little “a-ha” moments here and there, but the main epiphany was right around the time I was ordering.

Looking at all the choices that you could pick and combine, I thought about the people in my class… and then I thought about ALL the people in my life so far…

Then, certain pieces fell into place.

Make a note of the shows and movies you have seen. Look for your prototypical “people on a mission” story. Now, compare those stories to your life. Is there anything that you could associate with? Fiction to reality and vice versa?

I often found great comfort in the company of the “leftover” folks. Think about the time when you were in a class and the teacher tells you all to form your groups. Right away, there would be a fury of people shouting at their friends to come over and join them. After when the dust settled, you would often see lone stragglers; the folks that have no place to be.

And most likely me.

Put us together and guess what?

You now have yourself a “Ragtag Bunch of Misfits.”

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The attempt for a blog resurrection begins with a new post about what’s happening in my life — improvisational comedy. I’ve been taking classes since the start of this year. The experience has been life changing and the people have been phenomenal. And now, I share a few highlights for you, lovely reader.

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