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Return of the Jim

April 26, 2016 — Leave a comment
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“Two of Us” 


Long time ago, I walked away from a dream.

It’s still there. Hanging out on the streets of Toronto. Only getting up to wander at the early hours of the morning. Talking about how we’re going to do this and how we’re going to do that.

While that is happening, I’m waaaaay over here… across two continents and a sprawl countries and an ocean… deep in the urban jungle of a bipolar city… taking on the tropical heat and the torrent of flooding streets… I’m doing what people say I’m doing, I’m simply living.

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After the latest Level C class and watching a musical mashup of games, I ventured off into the night with a few classmates in the pursuit of ice cream. There were little “a-ha” moments here and there, but the main epiphany was right around the time I was ordering.

Looking at all the choices that you could pick and combine, I thought about the people in my class… and then I thought about ALL the people in my life so far…

Then, certain pieces fell into place.

Make a note of the shows and movies you have seen. Look for your prototypical “people on a mission” story. Now, compare those stories to your life. Is there anything that you could associate with? Fiction to reality and vice versa?

I often found great comfort in the company of the “leftover” folks. Think about the time when you were in a class and the teacher tells you all to form your groups. Right away, there would be a fury of people shouting at their friends to come over and join them. After when the dust settled, you would often see lone stragglers; the folks that have no place to be.

And most likely me.

Put us together and guess what?

You now have yourself a “Ragtag Bunch of Misfits.”

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The attempt for a blog resurrection begins with a new post about what’s happening in my life — improvisational comedy. I’ve been taking classes since the start of this year. The experience has been life changing and the people have been phenomenal. And now, I share a few highlights for you, lovely reader.

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A new year. A new month. A new plan to tackle impossible goals.

Don’t worry, this isn’t an unloading post. I’m sure you’ve read enough of those already. We get it, right? We all want to be better versions of ourselves. I say, don’t think too far ahead. Keep it real. KEEP IT DAILY. Think of… the Pippi Longstocking theme song: WHAT SHALL I DO TODAY? You know, having a question like that could be a great daily mantra of living.

And while you’re at it, acknowledge the failures of last year and see what went wrong. It’s a continuous learning experience and mistakes makes us stronger.

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It’s that moody time of the year when you start thinking about all the things you didn’t do and ponder on and on if the next one will be better.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the call to adventures that have whipped by me in the past two years. Opportunities like moving back to Ottawa and try to muster out a balls to the wall plan of attack into the indie film world. Or moving to Toronto on a whim when people needed a replacement roommate. The countless chances that go by everyday to disappear overseas… paid or volunteer. Or simply, making new friends in the local area to make some short movies.

So where am I now?

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I am alone. I am sitting in the same chair that I’ve been using for over fifteen years. I search my feelings and the memories flood in. Usually they are filled with some form of resentment.

I read in a book that ‘manic-depression may trigger the desire to communicate, make perceptions more vivid, and loosen associations in a way that makes written creativity more likely.’

Do we seek this place so that creativity could flourish or does the stress of creative work simply drives us over the edge? Is the creative life only pleasing because the way we are… prevents us from holding stable jobs?

I’m thinking of people… people I once recalled as friends.

They are nothing but memories for a story I have yet to write or finish writing. My sister told me that every face you have seen in a dream are based on the faces you have seen in life. Even the ones you only saw for a split second. The strangers you see in the store. The coffee shop. On the bus. Every possibility of human connection that you pass by on your way through the day.

On average, you only participate with the same seven people on a daily or weekly basis. When someone else comes in — be it a new friend or a prospective lover — they will replace someone from the original members. We move in and out of circles just like that. Everything is in constant flux.

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Coming back to this blog is like… stumbling upon that forgotten hippie tour bus you ditched at the side of the road after being a belligerent drunk (or maybe you were just kicked off the bus… hmm…). Too much drugs, too much love, and not enough priorities.

I haven’t stopped thinking about blogging. I’ve got a folder labelled “drafts” with two dozen sketches of what I want to post. Some are rants. Others are just plain stupid but there’s a bit of fun here and there. And then I delayed all of them because I promised to myself, “I need to edit this shit… laterrrrrz” but I never got around to do it. So that’s the problem: pro-FRICKIN-crastination.

But not completely.

While I was away, I’ve been busy tinkering away at spec scripts in the hopes of entering a few into competitions. I’ve missed a few deadlines for some big ones but only because I’m not satisfied yet. I’m currently working toward the ones with a June-ish deadline (like the BlueCat one for example).

One benefit of having these submission deadlines posted on your calender is a sense of urgency to finish them. The same goes for emailing close pals that you’ve got a script almost ready to be read and asking them if they got the time to spare to read one. That will really push you to polish that baby right up.

Besides that, I’ve been pondering over freelance writing — mostly through an online platform that I stumbled upon recently. I’ll give it a chance but I must let my priorities readjust. I hope this will include having more time to post stuff here.

Rather than whine too much about being away, I’ll just reintroduce myself — hey, it’s me, Jim — and hope that everything will be a-okay. I’ve got good vibes going on.

Later, homies.