Thanks for visiting! FiLM FREAK JiM is my creative outlet for expressing my feelings about the meaning of life, the way of the warrior, the dances of wolves, the moonwalking of walks, and the croaking during a fiery game of croquet.

I’ll reflect. I’ll digress. I’ll even slap on a quote or two for inspiration…

For example, Francis Ford Coppola told George Lucas many years ago that:

If you’re gonna be a filmmaker, you have to write.

So writing is what you must do. You can read books, online resources, screenplays, listen to DVD commentaries, interviews, podcasts, and watch lots and lots of movies… TV… web-series… but… you must always write and always strive to finish.

My stories come from the wells of speculative fiction. Magical realism, comedy, action, horror, and suspense… but the truth of the matter is — FUN AND PLAYFULNESS ALWAYS OVER DARK AND GRITTY.

First ten movies I’ll name from the top of my head:

Love Exposure
Seven Samurai
Chungking Express
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Children of Men
Barry Lyndon
Annie Hall
I Saw the Devil

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