Right Mindset

Mar 13, 2018 — Leave a comment

The distance between my first job and my second is about a 50-minute walk. It’s getting sunnier but at times the wind is what hurts the most. Despite that, it’s great to have a chance to see the city above ground and to get some fresh air, especially being cooped up for 8 hours. During this time I like to listen to some pump up songs. At the moment, my current obsession is some very particular Kpop songs and a few edgier tunes.These tunes are just enough to get my heart going without making my mind think about anything at all.

Another thing that is part of my playlist is podcasts.

Listening to a conversation about productivity and how these successful people have to say is inspiring. While listening to an episode from Tim Ferriss, he was having a conversation with Tony Robbins about morning rituals and routines. And from their discussions, it was interesting to note that most successful and/or business people have some form of mindfulness practice integrated into their daily routines. Some have kept the spiritual aspect while others stripped away those aspects to leave behind focused breathing.

For Tony Robbins, he does some form of mental prepping of his mind for the day and describes a routine where he does some deep breathing for a few cycles before cultivating some gratitude in his life.

It’s this part that makes his day start with a bang and void of all negative thoughts because if you’re busy giving thanks, you really can’t be angry or displeased with life.

Like Loving-kindness or smiling meditation, here is something very simple and easy to get your day running with the right joy and positive energy to push through all the negative bullshit that the little voice inside tends to fuck with you on a daily basis. Why not give this a little go before you leave the house for the day or while on your commute? Or even before a writing session?


It might work wonders!


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