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It’s been about 54 days since my last cup of coffee. There are days when I feel out of it and want to give up, especially mid-afternoon. That’s when the aid of baby wipes or a splash of cold water around the eyes help get the sting out. Sometimes the use of eye drops are required to clear the fogginess that comes along with staying awake for so long.

Following a caffeine-free lifestyle has proven that it’s possible to wake up and rely on the internal energies that you naturally possess to jump start the day. Sure, the winter mornings can get the best of you and get you rolling out of bed at a snail’s pace. Then there’s the whole issue of having a big breakfast when your body doesn’t really want to eat at all. Besides that, mornings are generally OK.

However, removing any traces of caffeine from my diet isn’t the only fix necessary to improve my bodily functions. It’s starting to become apparent that snacking on junk food is becoming a problem for most of my late nights. My work schedule ends at around 8:30PM and I usually return home at 10PM. Considering how my mornings usually begin at 6AM, there isn’t a lot of time to rest or recharge or eat. And so, my body usually gets these late night cravings that is more of a stress eating problem. It’s hard to beat at the moment but the first step has me moving away from potato chips and munching on peanuts and dried assorted Japanese snacks (the kind that has a strong wasabi flavour).

To aid with my mission to try to stop these late night cravings, drinking lots of water has become a big part of my life – – especially since buying a Brita Filtered Pitcher. It isn’t the best solution for drinking water but it’s the best one available.

The next challenge is online media control and smartphone usage. Since upgrading my hardware in November of last year, the usage has steady climbed higher and higher in the past months. There are even times when I find myself unlocking the phone and caught myself staring at the home screen without any reason why the phone was needed in that very moment.

To curb this problem, turning off all notifications of dumb updates and random activities was done. Only messages from real people and emails was allowed to pass through. But even that isn’t perfect because there’s still a lot of random emails that are not even important. So, unsubscribing those senders are necessary to try and streamline my phone. Another thing recommended to me was the idea of keeping only functional and tools on the home screen only. That I immediately implemented but there was also another recommendation of turning your entire phone’s colour scheme into a grayscale setting to bypass the color hacking that most apps are doing. By avoiding the bright colours and the dreadful red bubble alerts, it’s possible to avoid being biohacked by these developers to be sucked into this vortex of ending scrolling.

It’s like watching YouTube and being sucked into the deep corners of it and after an hour realizing you’re watching some random video from the 80s of Japanese women doing aerobics while trying to teach their audience how to practice useful English phrases (I. E. “I was robbed by two men”).

Next, it’s hard to remember that my body is anemic. So, multivitamin supplements has given me a boost there, and I’m not entirely sure if this is something to do with a placebo effect or just a mental thing… But, it doesn’t feel so tiring and sluggish at times. Again, the coffee void is still a big void and I’m not sure that it’s entirely healed, especially if it’s been many years of heavy consumption of the stuff. It’s not going to be that easy to recover from, that’s for sure.

The day and night jobs are a heavy burden on my own creative urges and now it’s a matter of trying to juggle and optimize what is important and trying to fit into a better writing routine system (something I’ll write more about in a separate post). Not only that, it’s hurting my meditating streak. Well, officially speaking because I’ve been using a timer app and it records the days you used it for meditation or breathing or yoga or whatever. There are days when the app isn’t used at all but I know that practiced a few minutes of mindfulness.

To fix this problem and try to reintegrate it back, I’ve been splitting up my meditation practice into little sessions, depending on the situation. Five minutes to recover. Eight minutes on the subway. Twenty, if I need a mental vacation to recharge the juices on the hour bus between the place I’m staying and to my job.

My last challenge is trying to get back into shape while having little time to do so. Starting tomorrow, it’s been decided to experiment with walking from my day job to my evening job. It’s about a 50 minute walk down one long street and with the weather improving in certain parts, it seems like the best option to get some walking in.

And there we have it. The joy of removing caffeine from my life has only made the other problems become stronger as they filled the void of addictions and problems. Now, it’s a matter of nipping each one in the butt and trying to hold it together.

It’s a whole lot of willpower for sure.

How to cope with the lack of coffee was completely based on the fact that my body was acting up and I needed something else.

The biggest issue I have the moment my flight to diction to food forgetfulness the feeling of hunger.


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