A Ramblin’ Man post: The Need for Motivation

Jan 24, 2012 — 6 Comments

It is now three something  in the morning and I’m still awake. I went to bed too early because of a headache so it’s nothing to do with insomnia.  This post is just me in the Ramblin Man mode on expressing my thoughts on my studies and my plans to seek other like-minded people.

Feel free to skip this post. There isn’t much creative writing advice finds in this one. Just me being me.

I’ve been spending the past hour or so thinking over the many new things that are coming into my life. First one is practicums for school. I’m still figuring out if I’m an adequate teacher at all so it’s quite the heart pounding experience these past days/weeks/months!   A bummer fact about this is that I will have to take a one hour bus ride for the placement. Even though, there were possible placements in my town. Either the other peeps in my class have priority over me or this is just life giving me another test, I will never know.

Presentations/Micro-teachings is the other constant thing on my mind. Reasons are the same with the whole self-criticism at teaching. 

If I had mentioned this before, I apologize for bringing it up again. But only a small apology because a few people read my posts. I really appreciate those few who comment and actually liked a few of my posts. 

Which brings me to a new venture I’m thinking about: networking and finding a support group. Before you jump to conclusions, when I used the word support group, I mean for my writing. I’ve been looking on the website Meetup.com to look for groups. There are a few around this area, not a lot. But probably enough. I had joined the Toronto Screenwriters group but due to locations/travel… that really can’t work out until I move into the city. So, for now I have joined a Movie meetup group in the Tri-City so I hope I will be able to make it out and slowly meet other movie lovers.

The next group, of which I haven’t joined quite yet, is a writing group in Guelph. I believe the focus is more on writing novels but I guess any type of writing is great. 

So, why am I thinking of this writing group? I’ve been isolated from like-minded people for so long that I’m afraid that I will lose the hunger for creating/writing stories. Inspiration is the need here. I have my close pals via social networks but frequency is an issue. I hope by joining these groups and meeting other people that I can relax my mind from the worrying and self-doubts of venturing into a temporary teaching career. 

I’m also going to try my best to network with other bloggers. I’m still a novice to this blogs so this may help in getting my ass into a chair to write some posts. Though, I hope not to waste your time too much by my daily musings or quirks. 



6 responses to A Ramblin’ Man post: The Need for Motivation


    Life is mean, in that everything is a test in and of itself. I think motivation is definitely there, you’re doing a ton of stuff all at once, which right there shows it! Writing groups are a good plan. Are there a decent number people in each or are they small, tight-knit groups? Sometimes less people can produce better results.


    Both seem to have large memberships but only a handful per meet. I haven’t decided about the writing group yet but slowly getting there. I’m also thinking of starting my own group based here. Or even start a local guerrilla filmmaking group since the Tri-City area seems to be lacking one.


    That would be a good call, strike with something that isn’t there yet for maximum effect. If you ever need another member, I am willing to be there via satellite/Skype/Source Code spoiler means.


    hahaha done deal.


    “i was thrown into this world and I will be thrown out and every day in between is a fight” – Jay Reatard

    “Life is a lot easier once you accept the constant suffering” – Martin Scorsese


    Thank you for the quotes. I think they just inspired me to write something along those lines.

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