May 27, 2018 — Leave a comment

It’s been awhile since there were any updates. Work, writing, and trying to find an apartment has been the real focus at the moment.

And binge watching shows or watching hours upon K-pop music videos to escape the pain and suffering of living.

There’s nothing like the bubblegum pop jams of a bunch of cute women dancing their asses off. And men too. Don’t forget the men. (Example, NCT U – “Baby, Don’t Stop.”

At the moment, my body is recovering from a spell of the springtime cold. It’s shit. Coughing up white phlegm is shit. Annoying as shit. Inhaling slowly, there’s that tickling sensation that’s definitely going to morph into a coughing fit.

Anyway, let’s just jump to what has happened.

1. May 4th — promoted to an Academic Assistant.

2. May 7th — Bunny’s application is finalized(!)

3. May 13th — finished a short script

4. May 18th — an unexpected resignation resulted in an additional title change to include “EAP Coordinator.”

Grinding has paid off a little. Now the next step is to finalize the living accommodation situation, which is a whole another level of a challenge.



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