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*Note: The following was written four years ago but for some reason I never posted it… most of this is probably said and done already but… after a little polish… here it is now.*


This reflection is on: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and, by extension, the Dark Knight trilogy.

This post started with one idea and it kept leading to another. Call this post, an unloading of instantaneous thoughts. Obviously there are spoilers so… yeah, you know the drill.



You don’t have to worry about a thing
Just come on up, come on up
Just come on up, baby
And have a good time.

– The Rascals


After seeing the film once, it feels like the perfect way to end the series. It restates the major themes and ends the journey of Bruce Wayne.

My interest of writing this post comes from this overwhelming joy of watching the film and the fact that the character is one I have grown up on since I was a kid. The focus isn’t to review the film but to try to provide some commentary on the deeper ideas that the series presented.

My focus: Batman’s journey, how would one finish this the Batman story, influences, story techniques we’ve seen before, and quasi-philosophical musings. I find the personal journey and struggles more resonating so you will see a void of socio-political musing. Perhaps another day.

Make sure you have some eye-drops handy.

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In case you lose your way in your creative endeavors:

“Are you left brain or right brain?”
That’s too simple and clean.
It has to be messy, chaotic, and fun…
We must always be BOTH.

I drink a lot of coffee before I go to sleep so I can dream faster. I can dream like when they put a camera on the Indy 500… when they put a camera in the car, and it’s just whipping by like that. Dream after dream after dream after dream. People ask me the next day, “What did you dream about?” I say, “I don’t have time. I don’t have time to tell you this.”

— Coffee and Cigarettes (2003)

MOVIE QUOTES: “I drink a lot of coffee before I go to sleep so I can dream faster…”

You will probably seen this eventually. Like any famous commencement speech, it’s going to make rounds (remember that awesome one by Neil Gaiman?)

Anyway, I won’t say more or quote segments because that’s what everyone is doing. It’s best to go in and let the words flow over you. And this is a bonus if you’re a Whedon fan. It has all the charm, humour, and wit you would expect.

Here is a clip that I stumbled upon some time ago that I kept to heart because… jeeze, it’s rather great, honestly. This is Iron Man’s father — Robert Downey Sr., who is a wonderful director who some may or may not know. He’s cult filmmaker and there’s a good reason why. If you have a chance, seek out some of this works like: Putney Swope or even Moment to Moment (Two Tons of Turquoise to Taos Tonight). Definitely great for those who like a more experimental/surrealistic approach to filmmaking.

Anyway, the main goods…

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Someone tweeted (almost wrote “tooted” by accident) this link the other day, so I decided to share it here. It’s from TEDEd, which is always a good place to lose track of time. 

So… “1. eavesdrop. 2. pretend imaginary people are real. 3. mutter to yourself.”


Isn’t it great to know you share some qualities with anti-socials?

Or not.

Also, if you don’t consider yourself a writer but you have these skills, here’s a good reason to start that novel or screenplay you always wanted to write. Especially for you stalker-ly types, nosy peeps, or the kind who still have imaginary friends. Note that I’m not advocating what you normally do with these skills outside the writing context. Remember: everybody knows you never go full anti-social.

Never go full anti-social. 

heh heh heh.