The Dreaming Pillow

November 21, 2011 — 2 Comments

In my possession, there is this pillow dubbed “the Dreaming Pillow.”

The actual pillow is just a standard foam pillow that looks a lot like this:

In the summer of 2007, I worked full time at my mom’s employment at a plastic car parts factory. Every night, I slept on this pillow. Every night, I dreamed something so vivid beyond belief. It felt like this pillow had a perfect batting average for dreams per night. I still have that notebook where I recorded all the dreams I had.

Last night, I brought this pillow in from the living room and slept on it. It produced a long winding road of a dream. I can’t remember everything but I was on the run away and towards something. The setting also jumped through time and space to impressionistic locations that also seem like they would exist in the real world.

Before this run, I was talking to the one I call Artemisia. This is my dream girl. In a dream a few years ago, she introduce herself as “Artie” but I gave her the full name of Artemisia after the famous Italian Baroque painter, Artemisia Gentileschi. Her presence isn’t that frequent but each time she appears, there is a lasting impact. Sort of like The Joker when he pops in and out throughout The Dark Knight. To me, I see her with dark her, olive skin tone, and has distinctive eyes like Paulette Goddard:

The closest concept of what she looks like overall can be described in the famous mysterious and exotic painting Tina (1964) by the even more mysterious painter, J.H. Lynch:

In the dream, I was doing a walk and talk with Artie. The end result of that conversation was her figuring out that perhaps I wanted something more than a friendship. That sparked her disappearance and the endless obstacles that came my way as I started going berserker mode. The dream ended in an old stone fortress in Hungary (that’s my best guess).

A guide in a robe showed me the floor plans of the building but I couldn’t even fit my head through the damn door (it was like some Alice in Wonderland shit going on). By then it was getting too hot and my dream self was wearing only a pair of shorts. Then I woke up because I had to piss like a madman, which was funny because in the dream I had just finished taking a piss in a corner. I still remember the guide saying, “You can piss in the corner but no poo poo! Okay? NO POO POO!”

Good thing I didn’t piss myself in real life. Or poo poo myself.

So dreams… they are coming back with a vengeance if I use this pillow. I have to be ready to record them down.

I will leave you now with a song by the Everly Brothers.



2 responses to The Dreaming Pillow


    Jim, I have a pillow just like that one and it gives me crazy dreams too. This needs to be investigated.


    Agreed :) You think with this kind of pillow, one could start practicing lucid dreaming but it’s way to hard to achieve imo. I guess a nice dream diary is all I will get from this and perhaps inspiration for a surrealism movie.

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