“Are you left brain or right brain?”
That’s too simple and clean.
It has to be messy, chaotic, and fun…
We must always be BOTH.

It’s been too long, lovely readers. Prepare for a resurrection.

I’m a Charlie Chaplin fan. My favorites of his include Modern Times, City Lights, Gold Rush, and the Kid… I still remember a vivid memory of watching a couple of his movies during first year university and my roommate was puzzled why I was watching something in black and white AND silent.

Let’s just say, there was a slapstick showdown between us.

“Making a Living” — released February 2nd, 1914:

A new year. A new month. A new plan to tackle impossible goals.

Don’t worry, this isn’t an unloading post. I’m sure you’ve read enough of those already. We get it, right? We all want to be better versions of ourselves. I say, don’t think too far ahead. Keep it real. KEEP IT DAILY. Think of… the Pippi Longstocking theme song: WHAT SHALL I DO TODAY? You know, having a question like that could be a great daily mantra of living.

And while you’re at it, acknowledge the failures of last year and see what went wrong. It’s a continuous learning experience and mistakes makes us stronger.

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It’s that moody time of the year when you start thinking about all the things you didn’t do and ponder on and on if the next one will be better.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the call to adventures that have whipped by me in the past two years. Opportunities like moving back to Ottawa and try to muster out a balls to the wall plan of attack into the indie film world. Or moving to Toronto on a whim when people needed a replacement roommate. The countless chances that go by everyday to disappear overseas… paid or volunteer. Or simply, making new friends in the local area to make some short movies.

So where am I now?

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I drink a lot of coffee before I go to sleep so I can dream faster. I can dream like when they put a camera on the Indy 500… when they put a camera in the car, and it’s just whipping by like that. Dream after dream after dream after dream. People ask me the next day, “What did you dream about?” I say, “I don’t have time. I don’t have time to tell you this.”

— Coffee and Cigarettes (2003)

MOVIE QUOTES: “I drink a lot of coffee before I go to sleep so I can dream faster…”

The Two Antagonists

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“Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned.” — Mark Twain

Here’s something I picked up when I was listening to a few interviews about a screenwriting book called, Dan O’Bannon’s Guide to Screenplay Structure. Okay, okay… so I technically didn’t read the book but I was curious enough to look into it. And guess what? The curiosity paid off when co-writer, Matt Lohr, dropped a few teases from the book.

Please note I’m not truly regurgitating the information here. Most of this, is me filling in the blanks. If what is in the actual book different from what is said here, it’s just me misinterpreting the clues.

If you’re also a novice screenwriter, this might be a good purchase. The book supposedly has an overview of the other screenwriting gurus before stepping into Dan O’Bannon’s way. And if you don’t know who Dan O’Bannon is and why you should consider his opinions, here’s a sampler of his output: Alien, The Return of the Living Dead, Total Recall, Dark Star, Screamers, Lifeforce and some other B-horror goodies.

So let’s jump to it.

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