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November 14, 2017 — Leave a comment

World religions have always fascinated me and in grade 11, I had the fortunate chance to study the major religions and more by a teacher whom I will consider my Socrates.

Although I wouldn’t assume, he would serve as the Socrates to my Plato. For a young introverted kid whose own identity in society is conflicted, here was a teacher who was unabashed and bold and deeply empathetic.

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…will no longer be secrets.

Secrets are one part of the core that makes us tick and function in this world. We have them because they either affect us based on our idea whether or not society accepts us or not.

If your secret was about making love to a bicycle, then I’m sure it would be a curious thought to ever share that with anyone. What would they think? What would they say? Would they abandon the friendship because of that shared thought?

These are chances that most people are afraid to reveal. And for me, it wasn’t about that.

For me, it was three things really.

One was dark. One was disgusting. One was about social acceptance.

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I never went to film school. Probably will never attend a school. I did take workshops at film initiatives and even graduated from a dedicated Scriptwriting Program and watched thousands of movies at home… and even took a free online course about the history and the use of color and sound in movies.

Is it worth it? All the trouble and following the alternative path?

I have already accepted my fate as a non-filmmaker but a more writer-ly goal. That I can control and that I can continue to dance freely as possible at home and trying to construct the right amount of words to make people feel good, scared, sad, and pissed off. I need that fix and there’s nothing more uplifting than the high of a writer from writing a few thousand words. It’s always the beginning flow that takes so goddamn long and then after a good hard run of words, you just can’t stop.

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Why does someone return to a film… many, many times?

I reflected and googled and reflected some more.

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It’s been too long, lovely readers. Prepare for a resurrection.

I’m a Charlie Chaplin fan. My favorites of his include Modern Times, City Lights, Gold Rush, and the Kid… I still remember a vivid memory of watching a couple of his movies during first year university and my roommate was puzzled why I was watching something in black and white AND silent.

Let’s just say, there was a slapstick showdown between us.

“Making a Living” — released February 2nd, 1914:

I know, I know… it’s been some time. Hey, it’s summer… a time to retool your specs/manuscripts and make swift career moves (like finding a better day job to help you survive another day to write).

In the meantime, enjoy this funny clip. This one is for you, fellow aspiring screenwriters.