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I was writing an email to a colleague. Got into the subject of screenwriting. Then I thought about what I learned in the past year and five months. So, here is a variation of that summary I wrote in that recent email. It’s like the bare essentials… it’s the DIY / low-cost way of beginning to learn the screenwriting craft.

And it goes like this:

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Script Frenzy is over. And I have a finished “script”. How do I feel? Modestly content. There is more work to be done for this baby of mine. It’s a little on the Frankenstein side but I’m sure it will go on a rampage soon enough.

What’s more important is not the finished product. Hell, it’s barely considered a first draft. I rather refer to it as “The Vomit Draft” or “The Shit Draft” or even “A Verbal Diarrhea Delight” (something an estranged relative would find pleasing). If bodily fluids or scatological imagery is too much, I guess you can call it: “The Terrible Draft”.

Here are five things I learned about myself after Script Frenzy:
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