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Here’s a random memory that came floating into my mind recently. It was about that time when I ran into an old woman talking about a cursed family who had a dark history and she was warning me how she was trying to put a hex on them.

Most folks who stop you on the street are usually looking for directions, some loose change, or looking to make a sale (which is rare but it does happen). And these incidents rarely happen at night. In fact, if they ever happen at night, that’s when decisions should be made when the unexpected happens.

For one winter night in 2009, walking home from my evening classes, I wandered onto a snowy street where a crossed paths with an old woman who seemed to be looking for something. So, when she said, “Excuse me?” it was only natural to stop and see if it was something important. Because, one she’s an elderly person and I think it would be important if she needed help, especially if it was an emergency.

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After the latest Level C class and watching a musical mashup of games, I ventured off into the night with a few classmates in the pursuit of ice cream. There were little “a-ha” moments here and there, but the main epiphany was right around the time I was ordering.

Looking at all the choices that you could pick and combine, I thought about the people in my class… and then I thought about ALL the people in my life so far…

Then, certain pieces fell into place.

Make a note of the shows and movies you have seen. Look for your prototypical “people on a mission” story. Now, compare those stories to your life. Is there anything that you could associate with? Fiction to reality and vice versa?

I often found great comfort in the company of the “leftover” folks. Think about the time when you were in a class and the teacher tells you all to form your groups. Right away, there would be a fury of people shouting at their friends to come over and join them. After when the dust settled, you would often see lone stragglers; the folks that have no place to be.

And most likely me.

Put us together and guess what?

You now have yourself a “Ragtag Bunch of Misfits.”

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