Nov 17, 2017 — Leave a comment

It’s strange coming back to a former life, especially when the transition is seamless.

I found myself waking up and letting my muscles walk me through the memory lane of how I used to spend my time living in District 7 of HCMC.

The way I used to roll around in the morning on my old pillow because I woke up too early. Watching Bunny get ready through her daily ritual of preparing herself for the office. Going to get the first of many showers of the day because it’s an average of 30 degrees. Preparing coffee – from my favourite cup to how I used to break the ice for the drink. Going out to get a banh mi at a local place I used to despised but since it’s been sometime… damn, it’s delicious.

Little things like that.

The only thing I haven’t really done is hopped onto a scooter and zoomed across the neighbourhood and explore the surroundings, as things have changed in little details.

Fast food joints moving in strange locations (i.e. the Burger King across the street has relocated into a tiny sliver of a location, sandwiched between Nathalie’s and a Korean BBQ joint). Or how that go-to billiards spot is now demolished for probably ANOTHER apartment development. There goes the fun times of yesteryear.

There are the familiar faces of the security guards that are always lounging around in front of their designated spots. They’re still here but sporting new haircuts… like a mini-middle part.

Life continued here. Things changed and moved on without my presence. And life continues to do it. Then I get back to Toronto and it’s the same there to. I have successfully realized that my life is only part of the ecosystem, a small tiny component that has a function when it’s there but not necessarily required to function. Life has a way of adapting to change and it’s a beautiful thing to witness.

It’s natural to think your some kind of important thing. The people in your life to the society around you. Maybe that’s how we see celebrities and socialites. Or, as always suspected, they, too, suffer from the pangs and arrows of… Well… Life, really.

It took me three days to get my sleeping patterns back in order. My stomach on the other hand is still trying to adjust and still giving me difficulties. It makes you think of all the shit we put our bodies through on a daily life. From all the garbage that we eat. All the alcohol that we tend to drink. Even the type of exercise or lack of… this is the punishment that our body goes through every single day. And to top it all off, there are things we do that probably would shock the body.

So, travelling to the other side of the world and flipping day for night and night for day is probably giving my body a meltdown. I’m sorry, my body, for all the hell you have to go through. I hope I can take better of you and eat more healthy and slowly and with a good conscience that I have only one.

Love your body. Realize the surroundings around you can live without your presence but you cannot go on without your body.

Well, not in this life. The afterlife talk will be reserved for another time.



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