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World religions have always fascinated me and in grade 11, I had the fortunate chance to study the major religions and more by a teacher whom I will consider my Socrates.

Although I wouldn’t assume, he would serve as the Socrates to my Plato. For a young introverted kid whose own identity in society is conflicted, here was a teacher who was unabashed and bold and deeply empathetic.

He didn’t hold any bias except to his firm beliefs in writing in the board in his strange penmanship. He would utilize all his skills in intimidation to shock you to leaving your defenses down before providing you the nourishment of knowledge and harmony and how essentially we are all in the path to bliss.

Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

There is a tale in Buddhism that links to the idea of immediate action to the moment.

A man is shot by a poison arrow. In his fury, he demands all to tell him who it was and where he was and how they should catch the offender and deal with him. But those around kept telling him, “Look, you’re poisoned. You’re going to die if you don’t get this treated first. ”

The Man didn’t care. He was so obsessed with the next step… The next problem that didn’t arrived… He didn’t even gave a thought to his current predicament.

So, he died. As an idiot.

And sadly. A lot of us are idiots.

There are a lot of things happening. The suffering and pain are always here to torment us as we try to figure out the next step. All the analogies and patterns and analysis can try to make sense for us, but it’s totally fucked up. Unpredictable events. Unexpected surprises and unbelievable tragedies.

Sometimes it’s overwhelming but it’s best to keep your focus in the moment. One step at a time. As an old Vietnamese would say… keep grinding that block of metal and keep refining it to the perfect needle point. When it’s time to deal the next hand, be ready and keep a watchful eye and adapt.



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