Nov 13, 2017 — Leave a comment

Two weekends ago, there was a massive mountain waiting for me to climb. It was the Mordor of the moment. The payload was a ring in the shape of a backpack and inside was unmarked papers and multiple textbooks and a USB thumb drive that contained the blueprints of the greatest lesson notes I could muster.

All I had to do was climb and drop it all into the heart of the burning lava.

It felt like I was going to fall off a cliff or slip and crack skull off a sharp rock. There were pains and aches and even an infected toe that was morphing into an abscess filled with puss and the lack of feeling.

All I had was the shimmering light that was just over that damn hill.

Ha, hill!

Keep shoveling shit. Keep at it. Eventually it’ll be finished and you’ll get dirt and then hopefully there’s some buried treasure hidden in that hideous mess.

Now, I’m here. Waiting patiently in the airport. A well deserved trip. See the love of my life. Rest my bones. Get refreshed before heading back to the heart of winter. I haven’t forgotten you. You’ll be part of soul when this is all through. There will be cracked teeth from all the grinding and chattering but I’ll stare at you with the deranged look of my heart.

Slapping my belly and jiggling the fat and erupting into a massive roar of laughter.

Work hard. Play hard.

Love it all.


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