Return of the Jim

April 26, 2016 — Leave a comment
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“Two of Us” 


Long time ago, I walked away from a dream.

It’s still there. Hanging out on the streets of Toronto. Only getting up to wander at the early hours of the morning. Talking about how we’re going to do this and how we’re going to do that.

While that is happening, I’m waaaaay over here… across two continents and a sprawl countries and an ocean… deep in the urban jungle of a bipolar city… taking on the tropical heat and the torrent of flooding streets… I’m doing what people say I’m doing, I’m simply living.

It’s almost two years since I’ve been here. Lives have changed. Many experiences gained. Heroes and teachers and villains have left the world, leaving many voids for new ones to enter the ring.

But the constant is the change. It will always happen. Nothing else will remain the same.

We cannot return to something we have left because even when we try, it’s already different. Whether it’s bringing a new perspective or losing an edginess. There’s going to be a gain and a loss — but ultimately, it’s different.

And that’s the big hesitation of coming back and opening this creaky door to find my words waiting fall out of my mind and into this place.

It only took the action of a messaging experiment to bring me back to the hunger.

About a month ago, a day before April’s Fool’s Day, I started rampaging through my Facebook and messaging countless of people. Not all of them, but a lot of them. I didn’t write a lot, just a fifty words more or less. Enough just to share where my life has brought me and to connect what I remember to that person.

Here’s a sample template of what I wrote to people:

Dear “Somebody That I Used to Know”:

How is the current chapter of you? Wow, it’s been sometime since we ever talked together in some form or capacity. What’s the story of your current chapter? I’ve been slinging English textbooks and dodging younger learners in the chaotic world they call HCMC. It’s wild and hot and at times really rainy. Especially if the main way of getting around is a little Honda Cub. Hope all is well.

All the best,

The big surprise was that, a lot of people didn’t even replied to me.

And that broke my heart.

However, I don’t blame them. Our attention span isn’t that wildly great anyway. What’s that statistic that I pseudo-ly use from time to time to get a point across… we only have time for about seven (7!) folks to associate our lives with on a daily / weekly basis.


For the rest who did answer me, it was like a door opening unexpectedly and getting a warm hug from a person you didn’t see in the long time. Even though we’re both about 14,000 km away from each other.

It was a great feeling to read those replies — to connect telepathically.

So, I missed that and that feeling brought me back to my forgotten online home. A place where I could string some idea or meaning about the world around me.

I’m back and I’m going to update shorter snippets of my adventures so far.

Lots of love,



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