May 16, 2013 — Leave a comment


Coming back to this blog is like… stumbling upon that forgotten hippie tour bus you ditched at the side of the road after being a belligerent drunk (or maybe you were just kicked off the bus… hmm…). Too much drugs, too much love, and not enough priorities.

I haven’t stopped thinking about blogging. I’ve got a folder labelled “drafts” with two dozen sketches of what I want to post. Some are rants. Others are just plain stupid but there’s a bit of fun here and there. And then I delayed all of them because I promised to myself, “I need to edit this shit… laterrrrrz” but I never got around to do it. So that’s the problem: pro-FRICKIN-crastination.

But not completely.

While I was away, I’ve been busy tinkering away at spec scripts in the hopes of entering a few into competitions. I’ve missed a few deadlines for some big ones but only because I’m not satisfied yet. I’m currently working toward the ones with a June-ish deadline (like the BlueCat one for example).

One benefit of having these submission deadlines posted on your calender is a sense of urgency to finish them. The same goes for emailing close pals that you’ve got a script almost ready to be read and asking them if they got the time to spare to read one. That will really push you to polish that baby right up.

Besides that, I’ve been pondering over freelance writing — mostly through an online platform that I stumbled upon recently. I’ll give it a chance but I must let my priorities readjust. I hope this will include having more time to post stuff here.

Rather than whine too much about being away, I’ll just reintroduce myself — hey, it’s me, Jim — and hope that everything will be a-okay. I’ve got good vibes going on.

Later, homies.


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