Rambling Man Post: ADVENTURE TIME — the prequel.

June 30, 2012 — Leave a comment

I was hoping to post something thoughtful before my little vacation. Instead, I am going to ramble a few words on this post, just to say that I’m still here. 

I’ll be spending my time being a beach bum. A present from my parents. So, I’ll be going offline: no internet, no email, no reading of news, no reading of MOVIE news, no watching movies or TV (not that I’m doing that much anyway), and no twitter.

Although, I did setup some tunes for the week. Hopefully the tweetdeck didn’t mess things up. The tweets themselves are mostly for the benefit of not losing people who do that shameless unfollowing of people who lack the activity. Damn them.

Originally, I wanted to write post on my philosophy teacher from high school for a funny one or a post on self-fulfilling prophecies and self-defeating prophecies for some serious thinking. I feel that lately, the self-doubts are closing in… which is a shame because only before that everything was doing quite swell. Is this some kind of pseudo bipolar phenomenon? 

Happy note: I hope to take this time on my vacation to do some free writing. Experiment without any interference or procrastination. And to get some reading in. I’m thinking… a Hemingway book or even a bunch of short stories. 

Which reminds me. This will all be long form. No computers for me! I’ve also been practicing my cursive writing again. This was a decision to make my journals look more epic when the time comes for readers to take a peek at them. There will be more about journals and how to use them when I come back. If you are curious to what I’m talking about, google “moleskine hacks” and discover a new way to use these journals or clones of this kind of journal. 

I feel like I’m rushing here. Hmmm… what else. I guess the only real big thoughts about posting is the actual blog itself. Seeing that I’m posting more random thoughts and writing… I need to get more film stuff put on here. I’ll probably begin to post short stories or even some screenplays samples soon. Might as well right? I’m no big famous person who needs to hide his work. Screw it. I’ll protect it and post it. No biggie. 

Perhaps that is all. A song? Do you need one? If you do… well… here you go! (It’s a personal fav of mine.)

So cheers… this time with a mojito. 

Yes. I’m there. At that very place you are thinking of.


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