Decisions and deadlines: a mini update.

June 18, 2012 — Leave a comment

I have decided to set a deadline for myself for an important decision to make. Whether to stay here and tough it out with the micro-budget filmmaking or to spend a few years abroad to live and learn the “expatriate artist” way first.

What sounds more elegant? The latter one, right? I thought so too. In fact, it’s probably the one I’m leaning toward because after spending eight months getting my TESL certificate, why not? Yes, my colleagues from the Scriptwriting program might be “ahead” in the making-low-budget-movies game but I’ll probably gain more perspective and cultural knowledge in the quest to better myself as a human being.

With school officially finished for me, a rough nineteen years, I find myself on the shore of possibilities. That’s the best way I could describe it. Anyway, I decided that I would announce this deadline as publicly as possible to help motivate me to a definite answer. And to help me move on.

It’s a good method to get things done, setting up deadlines publicly. You’re more inclined to finish what you started. Especially when you have witnesses to see if you can walk the walk.

So my deadline is the 8th of July. Only because it’s my birthday and it comes after a week in the Caribbeans (more on that later). Since I live for the dramatic stuff, I had to make this deadline as epic as possible. 

With that out of the way, I can return to more interesting topics. Things like: speed reading, getting back into non-fiction books, alternative health supplements, kettlebell exercises, reviving the journal, moleskine hacks, discovering the Getting Things Done (GTD) method, the direction of this blog, the meaning of life, friendships and rivals, movies vs. television, web-series, making mix-tapes, Tarot cards, Carl Jung, hypnosis, espionage techniques, ghost stories, magic (the paranormal one), voodoo and zombies, kung-fu, pet peeves, pen names, the crazy stuff in the news, and looking at the theory of drama (based mainly off the plays of Shakespeare and the Poetics by Aristotle).

More on some of this later. And in separate posts to reduce the anxiety of “Holy shit, this guy writes too much” reactions.

All right. I’m done.



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