Advice from ALAN MOORE

May 11, 2012 — Leave a comment

Here is a quote I found from Alan Moore (known for Watchmen, V for Vendetta, etc). I like it because he describes the truth of what it takes to be a writer and the sacrifices you have to make to be one. A lot of people in my life (family and friends) think that being a writer (especially if you’re an unpublished writer) is not difficult and that you’re not doing that much labor. They don’t understand that under all that stillness, there is the unseen struggle that goes on in the mind of a writer. 

Although the advice is for comics writers, it is obvious that this advice can be applied to all writers of fiction (and I guess, non-fiction too).


Also, if you do not know who Alan Moore is… then I am very sad. At least read Watchmen. Please. Thanks :)

“Alan Moore’s 5 Tips for Would-Be Comics Writers (emphasis in original).”

“1. Don’t.

2. No, really don’t.

3. DEFINITELY don’t — I mean it.

4. Whatever you might be imagining about a life of writing, it’s not like that.

5. OK, if you’re going to anyway, if you’re going to be a writer of any quality, you will have to commit yourself to writing — which is something that, when you’re young and idealistic, sounds incredibly easy to do, but you should commit yourself to writing almost as if you were some ancient Greek or Egyptian committing yourself to a god.

If you do right by the god, then the god may, at some point in the future, reward you. But if you slack off and don’t do right by your talent or your god, then you are heading for a world of immense and unimaginable pain. If you have a gift that you choose to pursue, then you have to pursue it seriously. Don’t be half-assed about it, but realize what that commitment means.

Committing yourself to writing will mean, to a certain extent, your writing will become the most important part of your life — and that’s a big thing to say. It can have a distancing effect upon other relationships. It can be sometimes quite a solitary life. If you’re committed to your writing, you’re going to be spend most of your life indoors in a silent, empty room, concentrating on a pen and a piece of paper or their equivalent. Be prepared to take it seriously and be prepared to follow where it takes you, even if that takes you to some very strange places.

This is by no means the most glamorous profession.

Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.”

Here is a YouTube video of him giving advice to unpublished authors. I love his relaxed style.

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