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January 21, 2012 — Leave a comment

It’s almost Lunar New Year and the last weekend before the practicum portion of my studies start. Excited? I guess. Nervous? I don’t have a choice do I? But aside from inner demons and breaking typical behavior habits, I’m sitting in my room on a Saturday thinking over what I have planned for this year. I had some stuff planned out from the beginning of January and now after about twenty days, I am reflecting on my progress.

Writing. It’s been on and off. I have been mostly reflecting on other different writing projects by the main twin guns of a screenplay and a manuscript have been waiting idly. I’m in the first fork in the road and I guess this applies to both projects. Here’s a quote that sums up my plans:

“The more successful the villain, the more successful the picture.” — Alfred Hitchcock

In the past, I dreamt up heroes with great abilities. The villains not so great. Or plain. Then over the years, it looks like the heroes are getting more ordinary with only one or two hidden talents but the villains are getting a bit absurd. There are my heroes and then there are my villains. I guess it’s time to get complicated and blur the lines.

Regardless of the genre, details and kinks to work out this early in the game, I need to keep the thrills alive. Best explanation comes from another master:

Besides some novels I’ve been reading, I’m also looking into books on writing and creativity. The current book from those categories is Stephen King’s On Writing. I have the audio version but also the text to follow along. Call it an audio-visual immersion. The next best thing than actually sitting down with the man himself. Which of course, virtually impossible due to my status and geographical location. But I guess I am a bit wrong… there is that telepathy connection between him and I from what he writes in the brief section “What Writing Is” before the Toolbox section of the book. A specific quote I enjoy from that section is “All the arts depend upon telepathy to some degree, but I believe that writing offers the purest distillation” (page 103). 

In terms of movies… I’m planning to dig deeper in the French New Wave films. I’ve seen few of them but seen many modern films that are deeply influenced by these films. Particularly, I’m going to look at more Godard and Truffaut’s films but also Éric Rohmer films. 

That’s all I have for now. 



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