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January 5, 2012 — Leave a comment

[NOTE: This is no means a comprehensive “review” on any of these programs. This is merely an observation and how I feel from using these programs.]

Since the start of the new year, I have been trying my best at keeping up with daily writing. Lately, I have been trying out the trial version of Scrivener for Windows. It’s quite nice. When you really use the binder and folders to organize your stuff, it really shines. I also like the split screen for editing and looking on reference for writing. Scrivener was designed for novelists in mind, but there is a screenplay format now.

“Just the two of us, we can make it if we try!”

The only problem I encounter was two incidents where I opened a project and all the contents are blank. Headings are still there but everything is blank. Even the little icon that of a piece of paper turns from scribbled stuff on it to blank. Perhaps it’s some glitch when playing around with making copies of the same project. To combat this potential glitch again, I have been consistently making backup zips before closing the program for the session. The problem only occurred when I started up the project and never during a session. Although, I’ve been skimming the forums for answers and encounter people who had much worse problems than me.

Anyway, I’m not surprise about these problems. The Windows version is still new anyway… released officially back in the fall of 2011(?). The current version is 1.0.3. While the version for Macs is already in the 2.0 stages. This is because this program is originally created on the Mac. Going back to the Windows version, the development team is also a different one from the Mac.

I think once my trial version runs up (I have 22 days left from today), I will probably make a purchase. Even without the brand new features of 2.0, I still love the program for brainstorming and free-writing. I’m also experimenting with organizing a manuscript that I never thought I would play with until much later.

I should also note that I’m normally a stream-of-conscious writer. I enjoy writing without plans or outlines. I also like writing from start to finish with a brief idea of how a story might end. Now, when it comes to writing with software, I’m not picky. I can write fine in notepad, Word, Final Draft and Scrivener. I can even write in that Google Document thingy.

However, one of my new directions for 2012 is to organize myself more effectively. To experiment, I plan on writing my next script with Scrivener and Final Draft. That is the plan. I think Scrivener will work wonders for getting the first draft of a script finished. For almost a good 2 years, I have been using Final Draft for most of my scriptwriting. I like it, despite the “out-dated” look of it. It’s stable and easy to navigate with. I’m one of those writers who like have the view set to “page view” for both Final Draft and Word. I also find editing quote all right there.

I call this plan the “one-two” punch. I will update more on this once I get to that script. For now, I think will play with Scrivener some more to get a better feel, but for stream-of-conscious writing… Scrivener and Final Draft are fine by my books.

To find out more about Scrivener, you can download trial version from their site:

Leave a comment below if you have tried this program out. I’m curious about other people who used this program.


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