DREAM: Black dog

December 26, 2011 — Leave a comment

I was outside my parents’ house. There were some loose eavestrough on the house so I decided, in my dream self, that fixing it in the dark would be ideal. And so, I was making rounds at checking for clogged sections too. I would also like to mention that it was dark but in the dream world, the night sky was illuminating some strange hue… like it was some black veil and light was shining from behind the horizon. So, kind of sepia night sky.

Then, I heard it. Somewhere in the quiet neighborhood, something was getting closer. I could tell by the way the bushes rustled or how metal fences would give off that metallic ring when someone or something climbed over them.

At this point I did what my waking self would do: I got the hell out of there.

I finished what I was doing and rushed into the patio and closed the door behind me. Then I got into the garage and closed both the back and front doors. Nothing was going to get in.


I find myself standing outside again with my parents. There was a jump in time and now it was day. I wasn’t sure why I was out here again but I saw the creature standing there staring me down. At first I thought it was a raccoon or a possum. In my dreams, detail features are sometimes hard to lock-down. I could see close-up features of its legs and fur, but trying to make it out in a complete form was difficult because my perception of the thing kept morphing.

Finally, a part of my subconscious decided it looked like a dog. It was like a Miniature Schnauzer but there was something wrong with its head. Before I could make a detail observation of what I was seeing, I found myself petting its back. I think it enjoyed it because it sat down and curled into a comfortable position.

Then it spoke: “Pet my head.”

I was shocked because that’s what talking dogs can do to you. So, I did what it told me to do. Here, the fur was rougher or even non-existent. I began to notice how the body of this animal was a dark grayish color while the head was a charred black. This was when it told me that it was —

“You’re dead?” I said.

“Yes,” it replied. “I died in a bus crash.”

The scene cuts to a bus full of people. Maybe this was a vision I was seeing because my hand was still touching the dog. The POV was in the middle of the bus, facing forward. It was in the aisle because I was able to see how another bus t-boned this one from the right.

The whole side crushed inwards with a deafening crunch. The bus driver was trapped behind the wheel and was screaming out of view. There was a woman with a small dog at the front. Her back was to the right of the bus and when the side caved in, so did she. It sent her broken body flying like a torn rag-doll. The rest of the people screamed as the front of the bus burst into flames. Those who were unscathed made their escape through emergency exits.

The POV kept focused at the burning flames because the small dog was still up in the front. It was still on its leash that was stuck under some debris. The fountain of flames reached it and took its head in a burning mess.

It cuts back to my backyard as I took my hand off the animal. It gave me a crooked smile. At this point, the animal looked like it had a raptor head attached to a small dog’s body. The fur on its head had melted away or fused into a black leathery meat that stretched back behind where its ears used to be. The tissue around the eyes had a scarred pink color. It was now staring me down again.

I stood up and backed away. Then I realized I was alone with the creature because my dream parents were not there anymore. But it didn’t attack. It just watched me with its deformed face. 


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